A Team of Women.
Filled with Creativity.
Immersed in Strategy.

Chasing after Impact + Income.

We'd love to introduce ourselves + get to know you as well. Here's a bit about our team, our story, and our preferred cocktail hour drinks, in case you were wondering:

where the magic began

Our Story

Everything good starts at summer camp, right?

After starting a summer camp that scaled to hundreds of campers per year at the age of 15, Grace knew that this would be just the start of her entrepreneurial journey. She specifically found a passion in marketing, social media, and bringing people together. After leaving college to get a head-start on her long term endeavors, Cheers came to be. 

Making gallons of dirt pudding has turned into creating strategies and content that bring in millions of dollars in revenue per year, and honestly, she wouldn't have it any other way. Since, we've expanded our team to better serve our clients and provide online businesses with premium marketing services.

Why Cheers?

We reference Happy Hour more times than we can count, and it's for two reasons.

1. We love what we do, and most days really do feel like a party, doing what we love.

2. We're passionate about bringing other people into what we do - it's a happy hour where everyone is invited.

so... Cheers to you!

Because it's *literally* our job to celebrate businesses.


Hey, I'm Grace!

Believer, CEO, Dog Mom, Writer, Visionary, + Spontaneous Nighttime Baker.

In the past 3 years, I've worked with over thirty 6 and 7-figure companies to elevate their digital presence. I've loved *nearly* every single moment. 

When I'm not absolutely thriving in my home office, doing what I love, I'm exploring my home, Dallas TX, finding any excuse to travel, or writing for the fun of it. 

I've had the honor of bringing the most incredible team members alongside me to serve our clients, and I can't wait for you to meet them.

Oh, and I guess I should mention, my go-to Happy Hour Drink is a toss up between a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a Margarita, depending on the day.

Operations director + ACCOUNT MANAGER

I'm Marlee!

Spontaneous Road-Tripper, Sunset Chaser and Proud Appalachian

After studying communications and marketing in college, I knew I was on my way to finding something I was truly passionate about. I believe with intentionality, creativity and order can co-exist and that’s why I LOVE heading up operations at cheers.

I am the kind of person that will strike up a conversation with just about anyone, and will rarely venture outside of neutral colored clothing. I believe there is good to be found all around us and the little things in life are actually so big.

My go-to Happy Hour Drink? A Skinny Marg salt on the rim, of course.

Account MAnager

I'm Taylor!

Believer, Donut Connoisseur, Docu-series Lover, Welcomer of the Next New Adventure

Since elementary school, I was always the one jumping at the bit to draw up posters, design flyers, and volunteering to take on any creative aspect of school projects… Looking back, I guess I knew my career before I even understood what the word “marketing” meant.

I love the challenge, strategy, and million moving pieces that the marketing world brings because when they finally collide, a beautiful thing happens-- businesses get their good story heard.

When I’m not WFH, you can find me at the gym, thrifting, modeling, or looking for the next best chai latte.

My go-to happy hour drink? Margs. Always.


I'm Rose!

Fashion Guru, Podcast Lover & Spontaneous World Traveler

While pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship at Florida State University, I began to grow my passion for all things creativity & business. At Cheers, I found the perfect opportunity to explore & build that passion of mine.

If I’m not in class or at work, I LOVE taking long walks, trying a new latte & swimming in the ocean. I am a firm believer of living life in the moment & think that is one of the most important keys to happiness.

My go-to happy hour drink? A Moscow Mule.


Good Boy, Tug of War Enthusiast, Goldendoodle, and Lover of Walks

No introduction is needed for the fan-favorite member of the Cheers Team. Louie provides moral support and brilliant ideas to every project. His go-to Happy Hour Drink? A good old fashioned bowl of water.

A Few of our core values 

Collaboration / 

Four-ish Day Work Weeks

Excellence, Always /

People Come First

Iced Coffee Year Round

Cheers is not a typical marketing agency. This is not only something we strive for, but something we've been told time + time again. 

Showing up and getting the job done is only part of our goal. Ensuring you understand the strategy and WHY behind our work, as well as you feeling set up for success in the long-run is extremely important to us. We respond quickly, work diligently, and show up fully, always.

We'd love to work with you. 

Are you in?

Check out our services to see if we might be a good fit to help your brand's expansion.