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Instagram is the king of new features, with dozens being rolled out in the last few years. Unfortunately, with as many new updates as we’ve had, it can be hard to keep up! Several of these new tools have become tools we use daily, but others fly under the radar. Here are a few of our favorite tools in 2023!

Reminders – This tool is great if you’re hosting an event, sale, or live! It allows your followers to opt into a reminder that will notify them shortly before the event begins. It might seem like a simple tool, but we’ve seen clients gain 4x the engagement on a post using a reminder tool versus a static post without.

Story Stickers – Want to see your story views climb upward? Utilize story stickers! While it might be easy to just snap a pic and post, intentionality behind those stories makes a huge difference. Utilizing Instagrams built in tools such as story stickers are proven to increase reach and boost engagement! A few of our favorites are Poll, Questions, Add Yours, and Quiz!

Replacing Reel Covers – When this feature launched, we wanted to scream it from the rooftops. The name is pretty self explanatory, meaning you can now edit your reel covers after posting. This is useful if something doesn’t crop the way you wanted it to, or you’re changing up the look of your feed but still want to keep your reels.

On top of that, there are a few tools that are brand new or in beta testing as we speak!

Music In Feed – This tool allows you to put music behind your static posts in your instagram feed, not just reels! (Does anyone else feel like this is giving myspace?) We haven’t had too many chances to try this tool out, but we’re excited to see where it goes.

Post Scheduling – This might be the most anticipated roll out of 2023! As of January 2023, Instagram is beta-testing post scheduling inside of the app AND it includes reel scheduling! As of this time, the only way to schedule reels is through outside apps, but you aren’t able to schedule reel covers or trending audio. We’ve had the chance to try this tool out in the beta-testing phase, and we absolutely love it. When it rolls out to everyone, we’ll make sure you hear about it!

If we know anything about Instagram, it’s that this won’t be all that they change this coming year! If you want to stay up to date on all things social, we’ve got a couple options for you:

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Cheers to a great year on social media, friend!

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