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We spend a lot of time alone as creatives, especially if you’re a WFH-er like our team is. You may LOVE the alone time (where are all the introverts at?) or you may hate not having daily social interaction. 

Whether you enjoy solitude or not, it’s so important to build community as creatives and here’s why.

Establishing connections.

We’re wired to desire social connection with those around us. It fulfills that sense of belonging we all want. Aside from that, comes the more business-y side of connection building. You may meet a fellow creative who you could establish a future collaboration with or maybe their people know people, which can help you find resources and partnerships.

A support system.

You may physically feel alone, but thanks to the Internet, we can create some pretty awesome virtual support systems. In these online communities, you can ask questions, share your work, and get the support you need in realizing your goals. 

Collecting inspiration.

If you’re spending a lot of your time alone, you’re going to be laser focused on your work. Having a community allows you to see what others in your niche are doing (and whether it’s working or not), marvel at their work, and get inspired!

Aren’t we so lucky to have an online network for building community? Here’s some avenues we love for making connections in an online world.

Instagram. Follow others in your niche and creatives who inspire you.

Facebook Groups. Online communities are really taking off and Facebook Groups are a great platform to find like-minded people to share with and ask questions. 

Co-Working Spaces. Here’s our shameless plug for Cheers Creative Space if you’re in the DFW area. Seriously though, co-working spaces are cool and can push you to get out of the house and meet new peeps!

LinkedIn. A place to make more professional connections with people and brands.

Meetups. Anyone have besties from Instagram that you’ve never actually met in person? Here’s your push to set up a coffee date with them!

Our team wanted to dive a bit deeper into community building this year, hence the start of Cheers Creative Camp! Camp wrapped up a couple weeks ago and we had a BLAST building community, learning from each other, and fostering organic connections! Camp gave our team such a sweet reminder of the importance of community in the creative world and we’re so excited to see how Cheers Creative Camp grows in the years to come!

We want to build a connection with YOU! Here’s where you can find us, take your pick.

Instagram: @cheerscreativeco

LinkedIn: Cheers Creative Co

Tik Tok: @cheerscreativeco

The Monthly Toast (an email that you’ll actually be excited to see in your inbox)


Want even more connection? We’ve got you covered. 

Cheers Creative Space (for all our DFW friends out there) – a studio designed to support production, events, meetings, and more. In this space you can:

  • Produce innovative content – Hello stunning furniture, props, and backdrops!
  • Work side-by-side with your team or peers – Yay for desks, office chairs, whiteboards, + a clean space to work in!
  • Be inspired – You’ll find a coffee cart, mural, lounge area, and aesthetically pleasing space. 

Want more info? Click HERE!

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