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Alright creatives, how many times in the past month have you felt drained? You love what you do, but the ideas seem to be running dry. Being in this field of work requires us to be on our creative game majority of the time, so it’s key that we’re feeling excited and inspired each and every week.

We’ve rallied together our team’s best tips for staying inspired and excited in pursuing the things you love. You’re gonna wanna take notes.

Today we are giving you our top 4 tips when it comes to tapping into your creative spirit and being inspired! HERE WE GO:

  1. Let your mind wander.

For too long we’ve viewed being bored or doing nothing as negative. We fill our time and thoughts with so many things we rarely allow time for our minds to wander and think. However, it’s often when we are “bored” that we think of new ideas. Take a walk, listen to music, or just be still. Choosing to let your mind wander instead of filling it constantly may just lead to new creative revelations.

2. Listen to other people.

Each person in your life has unique experiences that you don’t have. When we open up to new conversations and hear new perspectives, the possibilities are truly endless. Now more than ever, we have access to hearing about new ideas and concepts. You can find inspiration through other people by grabbing coffee with a friend, listening to a podcast, or reading a new book!

3. Do something for the fun of it.

When is the last time you did something creative simply for the fun of it? Not to generate a lead or make a conversion, but just because you wanted to. Think back on times when you were young. What did you do to fill your time? Did you paint a picture? Color? Watch a movie? I think we all have something to learn from our 7 year old selves – go back to her every once in a while!

4. Show up.

Sometimes getting through a creative roadblock means just. showing. up. If we have the discipline to sit down in front of our computer or open up our journal everyday, eventually we will train our minds to be creative. Often overcoming an inspirational rut just takes perseverance and discipline. We won’t win our creative battles by trying to go around them, but walking right through them!

Keep creating and keep inspiring. You have too much value to bring to stop working towards your dreams. We are CHEERing for YOU.

What are you going to do next time you’re not feeling at your creative peak?!

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