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I am so glad you came on over to the blog today, because we have something you NEED to know. We’ve realized how many business owners struggle with selling simply because they think selling is always pushy and totally not genuine. Not true. We have a wake up call for ya:

Ready for it?

You have A LOT of value to bring through the products you sell.

No one WANTS to come off salsey. No one wants to feel desperate. No one wants to receive a copy and paste Instagram direct message about products they should buy. Let’s just be real, it’s a major turn off. If you are struggling to find out how to market in a way that doesn’t feel inauthentic, then you really need to know why you’re selling in the first place.

Was it an experience you had with a product that made you want to buy it? Was it a side hobby that eventually turned into a paid gig? Did you see a flaw in the way someone was selling services so you wanted to make it better?

When you know why you’re selling, it will be easier to market what you’re selling. Why? Because you have to believe in it too. You won’t convince your best friend’s sister that your hair products are the best if you don’t believe in them too. Reframing the wording about what you sell and why you sell is more likely to land you in front of the right audience.

When you believe that your products have value, you can start presenting them like they do.

A photographer is not selling photos, she is selling moments that deserved to be captured.

A boutique owner is not selling shirts, she is selling women confidence in their wardrobe.

A content creator is not writing captions, she is telling a story that breeds connection.

Do you get what I’m saying here? You can sell more effectively if you’re showing up in the marketplace to add VALUE and not just another product or service. The way you make a sale is through personal relationships, not pushing products.

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