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If you’ve been itching to start a business of your own but you’re not sure where to start then you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to walk through 3 questions that will set you on the track to launching your business & killing it while you’re at it.

1. What experience do you have?

Think about your skills and positions you’ve held in the past.

What did you learn in those positions?

What skills did you exercise?

Knowing the answers to those questions will help you determine what you have going into a new venture. Skills are things you have been trained to do well. You can also look to other leaders in your life. What skills were you able to cultivate by being around those mentors and leaders? Your experiences will set you up to be the entrepreneur that you become.

2. What are your natural talents and gifts?

There are gifts and abilities that have never been absent from your life; you’ve only grown into them over time. These are your natural gifts. So ask yourself – what did people compliment you on when you were young? Answering that question will help you make note of the gifts you’ve always had. Did you have a knack for public speaking? A talent for writing or decision making? These things are God given! You are unique and capitzling on your natural abilities will not only be of advantage to your business, but fulfill your purpose to steward them well. You’ll need to know and have these talents in your back pocket to do a job well done in this new endeavor.

3. What are the resources or materials you have?

This is a big one! It’s a key question that a lot of people don’t consider when starting a business. What people are you connected with that can help you in taking next steps? Who can you talk to that may have experience to share? Are there materials you can use on hand to start you off? You don’t have to have everything in place before taking the first step, you just need to take the first step! Start small, start with what you have!

If owning a business is on your radar, cheers to you! We’re celebrating you today! Need any further assistance?! We’d love to help!

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