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Welcome to Cheers

It’s been over a year since Cheers Creative launched!

As a new-age digital marketing agency with team members and clients across the US, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make remote work efficient and enjoyable.

Today, we’re bringing you up to speed on 3 things we practice as a team that has been GAME CHANGING for us in our first year of biz!


Let’s be honest, I think we all know what the Monday fog feels like. You’ve just come off of a long weekend and getting back in the groove of work can be difficult, especially when you are working from home. Our full time team prioritizes team meetings every Monday morning at 9am to recap our weekends, look at the work week ahead, and delegate tasks. This seemingly simple tip has truly kept our heads above water in busy seasons. Not only do we get a little team bonding to kick off our week, but we gain SO much clarity for the week ahead!


Our team spends a LOT of time copywriting for clients, and although we LOVE writing, it can become a bit daunting when you have a whole month of content to crank out in a short period of time. Incorporating power hours (or deep work time) has changed our lives. Here’s how it works – we schedule an hour on our google calendar and title it with the task we’re aiming to complete. Then we jump on a Zoom call to talk through the task ahead and remain on the call while we work through it for an hour with no distraction. Sounds simple, but the extra accountability that comes from being on a call while you’re working on a task has increased our productivity like never before!


Virtual work is great, but there’s something special about sitting across the table from each other, drinking coffee, and talking through big projects. We incorporate 2 team retreats per year for the full-time team to spend an extended period of time together. Usually, our retreats consist of chatting about life, checking out local coffee shops, and dreaming about the future of Cheers. Part of our job might be to create online communities, but NOTHING can replace real-life community.

The list of things we’ve learned as a team could go on and on. We are super excited to be entering year 2 of biz knowing we have learned so much, but still have SO much to learn.

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