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Are you debating outsourcing some things in your business, but not sure if you’re ready? We get it. Most marketing companies probably wouldn’t tell you this, but we don’t think everyone needs to outsource (at least not right away).

Yes, outsourcing will give you more time, less stress, and take your business to the next level, but it’s also a substantial investment!

First things first, make sure it’s a financially wise decision to hire people. We fully support our clients, and it’s important to us that they are in a good place to outsource when they sign a contract with us. The last thing you want is to spend money you don’t have on services that you thought you needed!

Here are our best tips for knowing when to ask for help!

You don’t have the bandwidth to provide the level of service you want.
If you find yourself disappointed and frustrated by the lack of time you have to serve your customers – you probably are ready to hire. If parts of your client experience are suffering because you don’t have enough time to devote your attention to them, then you will probably start to see your business suffer too. Hiring someone like a virtual assistant or online business manager can be SO helpful in maintaining a quality customer experience without compromising other parts of your business.

You have new ideas but no time to develop them.
If you’re anything like our clients then you have a million great ideas swirling in your head! It is both a blessing and a curse to have a new idea every day. If you are trying to run your business solo or even with a small team, it’s likely you don’t have the capacity to develop most of those ideas. You know you can’t abandon your social media for the sake of starting something new, so what do you do?! OUTSOURCE! Arguably the best part of our job is watching the freedom our clients have when they don’t have to worry about what to post or what to write about. When you lighten your load, you have more space to DREAM BIG and do what you’re great at doing!

These are just two signs it might be time to outsource an area of your business. If you are still on the fence about whether it’s a good time for you to make the leap, send us an email @hello@cheerscreative.co! We would love to jump on a call and chat about what that could look like for you.

Outsourcing is exciting and we’re happy to come alongside you as you transition!

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