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Digital Marketing isn’t as simple as pulling up Instagram and posting. There’s a lot that goes into marketing as a whole, including a whole suite of tools to execute.

But how do you know which ones are worth the subscriptions, and which ones aren’t? Here at Cheers we have been through all the trial and error so you don’t have to. Let’s dive into our favorite marketing tools, and why we love them!

You’ve probably heard about Canva in some capacity. It’s our tried and true design platform for all of our graphic design! We love the Adobe Suites, but with our team spread across the country, we needed something more readily available and accessible everywhere. Canva lets us work together regardless of where we’re located, it’s super easy to create templates, export work to clients, and collaborate on visual projects in real time.

The secret sauce to every social media manager: scheduling platforms. When working with 4+ accounts per employee, manually posting can end up taking several hours out of each day.

Scheduling platforms like Planoly or Later allow seamless scheduling in advance, so all we have to do is watch the post go up, and make sure everything looks good!

Both platforms allow for:
Scheduling and Auto Posting Posts x Carousels
Scheduling and Auto Posting Reels
Scheduling reminders for Stories
Feed Planning

Note: Later doesn’t allow for feed planning unless the posts are scheduled, so make sure you’re conscious of what you’re mapping out – you never want a post to go up before it’s ready!

This FREE app lets you edit videos with ease. It also allows you to extract audio from an already created video, and layer it over something new. This is great for brands who don’t have access to popular audios on their Instagram Business accounts!

What is there NOT to say? Slack is our one and only client and team communication platform. We have channels with each of our clients, as well as channels for each project we work on, which not only lets us stay in touch in real time, but also keeps us organized, so nothing slips through the cracks! It also syncs with your phone so we can stay on top of things on the go.

Another organizational tool, but for content! Trello is where we deliver all of our content to clients for approval, while also tracking where we are in our monthly client tasks. There are a ton of “power ups” that let you sync your trello boards to Google Drive, Slack, and so much more.

For us, all of these platforms we listed work together, along with our amazing Ops Director, Marlee, to create the perfect flow for our company.

If you’ve been thinking about implementing more systems into your business, then these tools are a great place to start. We highly recommend starting with tools that assist in organization and workflow, so you can create a firm foundation in your business!

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