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We’re getting back to our roots – What exactly does that mean for you?

Buckle up as I share a little bit of my (Grace’s) story and how that played into the start of Cheers. 

In 2008, you could find me doing really typical things for an elementary school kid. But in the summer, you could find me at camp.

What I didn’t realize was that my summer camp days would vastly impact my entire life trajectory (and business) down the road.

In 2015, I found myself with an itch to “do something.” I couldn’t quite put that desire into words, but I was certain it looked like starting something from scratch. The more time I spent thinking, the more confident I was that this “something” was a summer camp.

So at the young age of fifteen, without a driver’s license, I started up my first business: One that would eventually entertain hundreds of kids each summer, and utilize dozens of volunteer counselors with each week of camp we’d host.

I quickly realized the opportunity for not only IMPACT, but also… INCOME in this thing I built from the ground up. That was when it hit me that business was, in fact, for me.

Camp took off and long story short, is now a 8-years old and still *thriving*. It isn’t run by me anymore, but it IS going to be around for a long time, bringing impact to the community, and opportunity to its team.

Flash forward a bit – how is that relevant to Cheers?

That spark of impact that started for me back in 2008 has only grown, and it is now extremely evident that this world needs more of THAT.

Sure, the world needs more time for kids to openly and freely go crazy in the summer, enjoying themselves and the outdoors. I’m stoked to see that Camp Kazoo will continue that on, and who knows, maybe someday down the road I’ll create another kids camp.

But for now… I am feeling BEYOND ready to bring a similar (but more more elevated) experience to women in business.

Cheers Creative Camp has been a LONGGGG time coming, and putting on another Camp is something I feel excited about, passionate about, and 500% confident in. 

Our team has spent the last few months preparing for this event, and we’re SO excited to bring it to you. Our goal throughout this time of preparation has been to provide an experience unlike anything else out there, while also making it accessible and affordable to small business owners who are in the process of scaling.

Applications are now live and we’re extending our invitation to YOU to apply. You can find all the information your heart could ever desire on our website, but if any questions come up, don’t hesitate to shoot an email or a direct message our way.

Because of this being our first experience like this, we have no clue how quickly it will sell. We know it’s needed and we know this is what our community is craving, so don’t wait to apply if this opportunity is calling your name.

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